Wild Hunt

Several minutes passed after he had run away from us following the trail. The snow was deep and crumbly. We reckoned Aksay would return as soon he gets tired of all the running. Then we heard a slight yelp deep in the forest. He yelped that way when he saw prey. We walked deeper into the woods following the trail. It was starting to snow and the wind picked up quickly. It was getting dark. We lit a fire, got ourselves warm and decided to turn back. We got out of the thicket into the glade and went home through deep snow. We noticed a trail of tracks, following it with a glance, we saw a gray-red spot on the edge of the woods. It was Aksay. He ran down a roe, gnawed its throat and was now sitting next to it, all spattered with blood. He just sat there and gazed somewhere in front of him. He started from time to time, a wave of shivers rolled from his head to his tail. When the other dog started approaching the dead roe, Aksay grinned his teeth, baring his fangs and released a quiet croaky growl. As if he marked a borderline on the snow that other dog was not allowed to cross.